Education for sustainable development (ESD) is firmly embedded in the National Curriculum of England and Wales. One way that offers potential to support the learning and teaching of ESD is through the use of existing free e-learning tools.

This site sets out to introduce teachers to two such sets of tools, ecological footprints and carbon footprints. There is an introduction to the concepts and a summary and evaluation of those web-based footprint calculators most applicable to the needs of pupils in Key Stages 2 to post 16.

There are sections on the underlying concepts behind the questions posed in the footprint calculators and for those seeking a deeper understanding of the principles underlying the calculations.

Teaching advice and guidance is provided in the form of classroom exemplars and a consideration of the teaching and learning context. There is also consideration of the advantages of using these tools in teaching and learning.

The quick links section. Summary quick reference evaluation tables of the different footprints are provided.

Supplementary information comes in the form of an introduction to the concept of sustainable development, an outline of where education for sustainable development sits in the national curriculum, and the glossary of key terms.