Footprint Calculator Summary Tables

The two footprint summary tables are based on personal opinion formulated from using each of the featured footprint calculators.

A description of each of the categories and the criteria by which the calculators were assessed can be viewed below.

Website: The name of the calculator/organisation website upon which the calculator appears.

Year: The year for which the calculator was developed.

UK Calibrated/option: Whether the site is calibrated specifically to the UK or provides the option to be adjusted.

Age: The age of students for which the calculator is thought appropriate.

Number of questions: The number of questions featured in the calculator.

Time required to complete (minutes): The amount of time required to input data in to the calculator.

Number of issues covered: The number of consumption issues each calculator covers in the footprint calculation.

Dimensions of sustainable development covered: Those dimensions of the three that comprise the concept of sustainable development (Environmental, Social and Economic) covered by the calculator.

Output: The units of the ultimate figure produced by the calculator.

Comparison: Whether the output is compared to any other calculations undertaken for different locations. Many provide comparisons to average footprint values of individuals from different regions and countries or equate personal footprints to the number of planets required if everybody chose to follow a given individuals lifestyle.

Effectiveness/Usefulness: This category is perhaps the most difficult to accurately assess as it is based entirely on personal opinion.

The ultimate effectiveness of the calculator in highlighting the connection between human lifestyle choices/activities and environmental impact and the usefulness in both introducing and communicating the underlying concept of sustainable development were rated. The usefulness of the footprint figure produced by each was also incorporated in to this in terms of how recognisable/relevant it was to young people.

Key to Footprint Summary Tables






Goods and Services











Footprint equated to number of worlds required if everyone chose to live the given individuals lifestyle